• 2010
  • Pécz, Hungary
  • The Crypt of the Cathedral
  • Material: sand gathered from about 600 countries / places of the world
  • Size: 8 x 7 meters
  • Music end performance: "AIR" soundtrack from the film by Jisca Rickels "4 Elements"

Organized as an official event of Pécs2010 – European Capital of Culture program series.

  • Pécs Cultural Center – Pécs Ars GEometrica project
  • Bridges: Mathematical Connections in Art, Music, and Science

From what initially appears to be a jumble of lines and figures, an ingenious and fascinating spectacle made up of triangles, irregular quadrangles, rhombuses and other polygonal shapes unfolds before the viewer's eyes. The pattern seems to be in constant motion, changing according to the angle of vision and the point of focus. What is more, the making of this work has a special dynamic feature of its own: the work-in-progress format means that visitors are involved as the artwork takes shape. When the artwork is finally finished, Wersche obliterates it in a performance - she literally erases the carefully constructed pattern. By doing so, she emphasizes that everything is in constant flux and is only temporary
Sopianae (Dutch article)


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