Friends and Sands

A Friend

  • contributes yearly financially to the work of the foundation
  • will regularly sends special sand to Elvira (post address: see Contact page)
  • gets exclusively admission to all published photo's and video's (via Log in code)
  • Tells about the Sammlung Weltensand story to new friends (via Facebook etc.)
Register as a Friend to the foundation

Your sand please...

  • Special sand is sand of extraordinary color or structure or found from a place of interest.
  • A sample of 200 to 250 grams is enough
  • Rock or clay material that can be crushed into a "sand" is also an option
  • Do not mix up sand with earth or soil. (so do not sent biological material)
  • The sand we need is colored by itself
  • Always label your samples with your name and address and why, where and when you picked it.

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